BHS Fall 2013 Cheese & Sausage Fundraiser Begins Today!

Batavia Music Buffs


 BHS Music Department


2013 Fall Cheese and Sausage Fundraiser

October 15th – November 7th


Pine River Timeless Traditions Cover


These items from Pine River of Wisconsin are perfect for Thanksgiving get-togethers and holiday gifts. All music students who participate in this fundraiser will earn money that may be used to help pay for not only trip expenses but also music registration fees, instrument repairs, supplies, uniforms, etc.!

Orders can be placed with any BHS Music Student.

25% of each students’ sales will be directly deposited into their student music accounts which they can use for any music related expenses.

Don’t know a BHS Music Student?


All proceeds from community orders will be placed into a scholarship fund to
help financially challenged students attend the upcoming music trips.

Every penny we make goes back our students’ music program for items not covered by the school district budget. This year expenses we will help pay for include guest performers/conductors to work with the various programs, repair or purchase of instruments as requested by the music directors, and student scholarships for college and selected summer music camps.

Sale Dates: October 15, 2013- November 7, 2013
Pick-Up Date: November 22, 2013 from 3:00pm – 6:00pm in the Black Box Theater of the Batavia Fine Arts Centre


*Music Buffs does not have refrigerated space available*

UNCLAIMED ORDERS WILL BE FORFEITED after 6:15pm on Friday 11/22/13

(Students may begin pick-up at 2:30 however general traffic is NOT permitted in the Wilson St. lot until 3:00pm.)

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All music students who participate in this fundraiser will earn money that may be used to help pay for music trip expenses (upcoming trips to be announced late October/early November), fees, supplies, uniforms, etc.! Participating students will earn 25% of their retail sales, which will be deposited directly into their Student Charms Account. For example, if you sell $100.00 in products, you will earn $25.00!  The more items you sell the more money you will earn!

Fundraising Information

Use the brochure and order form included in the envelope your student received. PLEASE print clearly on the order form(s).

Extra order forms are available in your curricular music room or below for download.

TURN-IN DATE: Thursday, November 7th. Return completed order forms to your music director. Your original(s) will be returned with your order.

PAYMENT IN FULL MUST ACCOMPANY ALL ORDERS when they are turned in to your music director by Thursday, November 7, 2013. Parents should write a check to cover all cash collected.

MAKE CHECKS PAYABLE TO: Batavia Music Buffs.

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(Students using this downloaded form MUST photocopy the completed order form prior to turning in.)

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Fundraiser Rewards!


Our top three selling students will earn additional CASH PRIZES!

(Paid as a direct cash award to the Student OR deposited to their Charms Student Account)

1st Place: $75.00
2nd Place: $50.00
3rd Place: $25.00

If you have any questions, OR
**need to make alternate order pick-up arrangements, please contact:
Deborah Martin (630) 310-9877 or
Julie Johnson (630) 802-3512

Thank you from Batavia Music Buffs!

Batavia Music Buffs is a 501(c)3 Organization – all contributions are tax deductible.