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We would like to take this opportunity to thank our current members for their generous support.  It is through the help of “neighbors” like you who allow us to help the children in our schools achieve musical excellence.  Our 501(c)3 organization not only helps music directors obtain musical scores, instruments and other classroom necessities but also pays the fees that allow guest conductors and performers to work directly with our children.  We thank you for your commitment to our students.

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Membership Listing for the 2015-2016 School Year

Please note that listings for memberships purchased during school registration or at anytime during the school year via powerschool/school pay will be delayed at least 30 business days pending receipt of information from the school district.

*Denotes Music Buffs Board Member

Julie & Edgar Cabrera
Michael & Kristen Chimack
The Kibler Family (Kray*)
The Offenbecher Family
Lisa Alajoki & Scott Coonce
Tamra & Eric Ashby
Baty-Barr Family (Bob*)
Catherine Baunach & Laura Welmers
Janet & Brian Borchert
Mark & Kelly* Carlson
Connon Electric, Inc.
Mr. & Mrs. William D’Amico
Shilpa & Shaunak Dave
Ray & Kathy Dremel
Julianna Eshbach & Mark Weiss
The Flinchem Family
Gosselin Family
Deborah & Matthew Grizzell
Britt & Joe Hawkins
Heidenreich Family
Patrick & Leslie Hoffmann
The Hunter Family
Loree & Kyle Hupach
Michelle & Daniel Kazlauski
Lynette & Ed Klemm
The Knautz Family (Keith*)
Denise & Michael Kuc
Dave & Laurie Lundborg
Amy & Scott MacDonald
Stephen & Deborah* Martin
The Mastenbrook Family
Kathleen & Brian Murphy
Nallenweg Family
The Novak Family
Kristin Beth & Alan Offenbecher
Abby & Jason Omerza
Papka-Cella Family
Gretchen & David Parker
Julie & John Price
Marsha & Jerome Schuster
Sebold Family
Colleen & Jim Smith
Christina & Eugene Stack
Kevin & Linda Stough
Sara & Matt Szydlowski
Michael & Carol Thomassen
Tiffany & Daniel Thompson
Stephanie Tortorici
Unger-Kroc Family
The Voirin Family (Cathy*)
Deanna Weiss & Robert Flinchem
Mike & LouAnn Wukitsch
GOLD – $50
Joann & Eric Berggren
Jackie Berry*
Scott Braland & Molly Nelson Braland
Sonja & Jeff Brazell
Emily and John Bucholz
Denise & Dan Burgraff
Annette & Michael Burkeen
Frank & Ann Cesarone
The Conklin Family
Kathy & Richard Cox
Kristin & Chris Denault
The Doherty Family
Maria & Janes Donovan
Lisa Foydel & Gary Kramer
May & Mingshen Gao
Ann & Peter Girardi
Kelly Jo & Mark Golson
Celine & Scott Haines
Pennie Hall & Robert Walter
Carol & Bill Heine
Eric & Rhonda Hibbeler & Family
The Hix Family
Amy & Kerry Hong
Denise & David Knapp
Jennifer & Thomas Kroc
Laura & Dave Krueger
Lisa & Kent Kruse
Sara & John Malm
Luz & Robert Martinez
The McGarr Family
Elizabeth & Mark Miller
Jennifer & Todd Miller
Heidi & Peter Molenhouse
Mroz Family
Jan & Von Peery
Laura Polick
Jeanine & R Scott Pritchett
Sue & Rick Pomo
Angeline & Kevin Ross
Nikki & Lane Rousseau
The Rudek Family
Shana & Mitch Rydholm
Todd & Gigi Shankland
Suzy & Michael Sitarski
Denise & Kevin Skomer
Jennifer & Dell Torgerson
Lisa & James Tracy
The Wankat Family
The Walter Family
Kelly & Ken Weber
Suzanne & Tracy White
Julie & Robert Yingst
Elizabeth & John Zinser
RED – $25
Sandra & Kim Akers
Martina & Michael Auer
Joleen & Jon Batek
Michelle & John Bondurant
Brown Tonkovich Family
Marian & Kevin Busch
Carolyn & John Cahill
Kristin & Timothy Calleja
Nick & Tammy Caltagirone
Priscilla & Ken Carr
Mary & Robert Colucci
Kristin Calleja & Robert Copeland
Alice & Peter Daneels
Jeanne & Bill Fornari
Renee & Luther Gabriel
Mary & Larry Grant
Jacqueline & Randall Hamann
Lisa & Randy Hill
Darlene & Billy Hutchens
Bob & Kim Imundo
Joe & Heidi Jakubaitis
Mary & Sean Jensen
Amanda & Hans Kaiser
Barb & Mike Kehe
Kathleen & Daniel Kein
Mary & David Kroger
Maureen Henry & Wayne Lau
Leslie & Thomas McClure
Dianne & Thomas Mikrut
Eileen & Paul Mueller
The Pavnica Family
Jennifer Rowe & Stephen Perrault
Sandra Sebolt-Pogge & Terrence Pogge
Marybeth & Scott Prier
Colleen & Michael Puttin
Sandra & Ross Rydell
Tammy & Michael Schiesl
Susan & Eric Sellenberg
Lisa & Ray Sinovich
Elizabeth & Brian Smith
Karen & Peter Stroz
The Sweeney Family
Kimberly & Bill Tarver
Melissa & Jeff Thompson
Julie & Robert Tucker
Jodi & Steven Webb
Jennifer & Thomas Weege
Heather & Sean Wheatley
Dale & Marty Cunningham
The Green Family
Sharon & Gary Goeden
The Friendship Club of Geneva
Mr. & Mrs. John Hall
John Heath
The Holmstad Residents Association
The Robert Huxtable Family
William and Linda Mahler
Paul Offenbecher & Family
Lori Wilson
GOLD – $50
Jon & Ginny Gaspar
Connie Nykiel
John & Shirley Whitmer
RED – $25
Dan Foelske Family
Nancy & Gregg Hodge
The Van Kley Family

Nate Bradley (In Memoriam)
GOLD – $50
RED – $25
Kathryn Ryan Sauer-Challenge Real Estate Co.

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Batavia Music Buffs is a 501(c)3 Organization – all contributions are tax-deductible.