Executive Board

Bob Baty-Barr

Bob Baty-Barr


As president, Bob presides over the Executive Board. His term begins 7/1/14 and runs through 6/30/16. … Read More

Jackie Berry

Jackie Berry

Vice President Ways & Means

Jackie is responsible for overseeing global fundraising campaigns and initiatives for the organization. … Read More


Kray Kibler


As Treasurer, Kray presides over all Batavia Music Buffs financial affairs. … Read More

Keith Knautz

Keith Knautz

Vice President of RMS/Elementary Affairs

As Vice President, Keith coordinates Batavia Music Buffs affairs at RMS and the various elementary schools in the district. … Read More


Deborah Martin

Vice President Communications

As Vice President Communications, Deborah presides over the Batavia Music Buffs website, Facebook Page and communications/outreach with the community. … Read More


Kelly Carlson


Kelly  is charged with organizational duties at the Executive Board level which include meeting agendas, minutes, email communications and the like. … Read More


Cathy Voirin

Vice President of BHS Affairs

As Vice President, Cathy presides over Batavia Music Buffs affairs at BHS and the BHS High School Team. … Read More

Chris Owen

Chris Owen

BHS Staff Representative

As the BHS Staff Representative, Mrs. Owen represents and presents issues related to the various BHS music programs and events. … Read More

Miss Reiss

Sherry Reiss

RMS Staff Representative

As the RMS Staff Representative, Miss Reiss represents and presents issues related to the various BHS music programs and events. … Read More


Rachel Uffelmann

Elementary Staff Representative

As the RMS/Elementary Staff Representative, Mrs. Uffelmann represents and presents issues related to the various RMS and Elementary School music programs and events. … Read More

Marching Band Logo

Caroline and Bob Baty-Barr

Marching Band Liason

In their role as March Band Liason, Caroline and Bob serve in a vital leadership role in coordinating volunteer support for the numerous  BHS Marching Band program and event needs. … Read More

Marching Band Logo

Caroline Baty-Barr

Water/Safety Table Coordinator

In this role, Caroline overseas the operation of the water and safety table at all marching band events. … Read More

Marching Band Logo

Mark Carlson & Matt Novak

Road Crew Coordinators

In his role as Road Crew Coordinators, Mark & Matt oversees the coordination of all of logistics involved in transporting of marching band equipment. … Read More

Marching Band Logo

Nell Novak & Caroline Baty-Barr

Corn Boil Coordinators

As Coordinators for the Corn Boil, Nell & Caroline oversee the participation of Music Buffs and the marching band's participation at this annual event sponsored by the Bulldog Booster organization. … Read More

Marching Band Logo

Shelley & Joe Knopp

BMB Spiritwear Chair

As chairs of the Marching Bulldog Spiritwear Sale, Shelley & Joe handle coordination of the sale between Batavia Music Buffs, Parents/Students and our third party vendor as well as distribution of goods. … Read More

Marching Band Logo

Caroline Baty-Barr, Tina Cahill & Sabrina Martin

Tag Days Co-Chairs

In their roles, Caroline, Tina & Sabrina preside over the coordination and operation of the BHS Marching Band Tag Days fundraiser. … Read More

Jackie Berry

Hoagie Sale Event Co-Chairs

As Event Chair of the Hoagie Sale, Jackie presides over the coordination and operation of the fall and spring hoagie sale fundraisers held at Rotolo Middle School. … Read More


Kari Neumann and Christine Breiten

Rotolopalooza Co-Chairs

As the Rotolo-Palooza Event Chair, Kari overseas the coordination, development and operation of all activities related to this wildly popular middle school fundraiser. … Read More


Sarah Cunnar – Marsha Schuster

Butter Braid/PapaNicholas Coffee Fundraiser Co-Chairs

As chair of the Butter Braid and Driven Coffee Fundraiser, Keith oversees the sale of goods at RMS and at the elementary school sites as well as distribution of orders. … Read More


Orchestra Rep – open

Orchestra Representative

In the role of Orchestra Representative, _______ fills the role of coordinating the needs of the Orchestra music program between the Orchestra Director and the Orchestra Students/Families. … Read More


Mary Beth Steurer

Student Accounts Administrator

As Student Accounts Administrator, Mary Beth handles the student financial accounts through the BHS Music Department Charms system. … Read More

Marching Band Logo

Tamra Ashby & Amy Hong

Marching Band Banquet Co-Chairs

In their roles as co-chairs of the Marching Band Banquet, Tamra and Amy coordinate and oversee all of the logistics and event tasks needed to create a fun end of season celebration for the marching band program. … Read More

Marching Band Logo

Joleen Batek & Mary Carr

Philanthropic Co-Coordinators

In their role as Philianthropic Co-coordinators for the BHS marching Band, Joleen & Mary are responsible for philanthropic outreach within and outside of the community. … Read More

Marching Band Logo

Suzy Sitarski & Jen Unger Kroc

Competition Chaperone Co-Coordinators

Suzy & Jen, in the roles as Competition Chaperone Co-Coordinators for the BHS marching band coordinate parent volunteers to chaperone the various marching band competitions and outings. … Read More

Senior Awards Night Chair- OPEN POSITION

Do you love a good party and enjoy coordinating all the festivities without all the formality of a Gala?  Then this is the job for you!  We are currently seeking a volunteer to chair the Senior Awards Night held in May.  If you are … Read More

Winter Guard Rep – open

Winter Guard Chair

Read More

BFAC Concessions Chair – OPEN POSITION

We are currently seeking a volunteer to chair the Concessions at the BFAC for the various school related musical performances.  If you are interested in filling this position, please email: bataviamusicbuffs@gmail.com … Read More

Marching Band Logo

Eric Ashby

Pit Crew Coordinator

What exactly is pit crew? Ever wonder just how all the big instruments, percussion, uniforms,hat boxes and props get to the competitions? That would be with the aid of those wonderful volunteers know as "The Pit Crew". This is an … Read More

Marching Band Logo

Kelly Carlson, Ellen Fenske & Sarah Adams

October 4th Parent Mixer Co-Coordinators

As the Parent Mixer Co-Coordinators, Kelly, Ellen & Sarah coordinate and oversee the parent mixer to be held October 4th. … Read More

Marching Band Logo

Julie Johnson, Maureen Henry & Shelly Gordon

Marching Band Uniform Fittings Co-Chairs

As co-chairs of uniform fittings, Julie, Maureen, and Shelly oversee student measurements for fittings, as well as coordination and distribution of uniforms for marching band students. … Read More


Julie Johnson

Curricular Band Representative

In the role of Band Representative, Julie fills the role of coordinating the needs of the Curricular Band  program between the Band Directors and the Curricular Band Students/Families. … Read More