Fall Hoagie Sale Kickoff August 23rd!

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 Annual Fall Hoagie Sale

August 23rd, 2013 – September 6, 2013

hoaŸgy [hoh-gee] noun, plural –gies. Amer. Eng. (originally philadelphia) “hero, large sandwich made from a long split roll,” originally hoggie (c. 1936)

hoaŸgie sale [hoh-gee seyl] noun, Amer. Eng. (originally Batavia) “semi-annual fundraiser for Batavia Music Buffs, benefitting BHS Band, Orchestra, and Choral programs.” (c. 1982)

The Fall 2013 Hoagie Sale will kickoff Friday, August 23rd!

To purchase one of these fresh, handmade delights,

please contact your local BHS Music Student

to order by September 6th


Contact Us at: musichoagies@gmail.com 



Hoagies will be delivered FRESH TO YOU on September 21st!

To volunteer for this event, you can sign up online by clicking here!