Gala Ticketing Frequently Asked Questions


Q.  I’d like to be seated with my friends, how does seating work?

A.  Grouped seating is available by choosing one of our two available Table Ticket Packages. You may purchase a 10 seat table or an 8 seat table for you and your entourage.

Q.  What time do doors open?

A.  Doors will open at 6pm.

Q.  I haven’t received my tickets for the event, when should I expect them?

A.  Paper tickets will not be issued for this event.  Your email purchase confirmation is your ticket.

Q.  What about student performer tickets?  Will those be handled separately?  Do we completely exclude them from a ticket order?

A.  We have changed things up a bit this year!   The invitation you received is correct — there is no charge for performing students this year.

Q. Where will the student performers be seated for dinner and if they want to bring a date who is not a performer will they be able to sit together?

A. Student performers will be seated in their own separate dining room which is reserved solely for performers as space is limited. Performing students are only required to be in their designated dining area for meal service (and as required by their directors for warm ups/call times etc).  

Q. What is the cost of a non-performing student ticket?

A.The standard ticket price of $60.00 applies to non-performing students with seating in the main dining area only. 

Q. Is there a seating chart available so I can see the tables and seats available before purchasing my tickets?

A. Great question.  We do not currently have a schematic for table arrangements within the dining hall as those details have not been set as yet.