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General Board Meeting 5/10/24 7pm

Meet the 2024-25 board candidates!

Attn: Music Buffs Members,

The final General Board Meeting for 2023-24 will take place May 13th at 7pm in the BHS Band Room. All current members are invited to attend meet the new candidates and participate in election (all current members have voting privileges).

Board Elections for 2024-25:

  • President: Melissa Casey (re-elect)

  • Treasurer: Beth Baima (elect)

  • Secretary Tina Boothe (re-elect)

  • Membership: Miranda Skonie (elect)

  • Fundraising: Holly Miller (re-elect, formerly Ways & Means)

  • Band: Andrea Gambill (elect)

  • Choir: Lisa Waters (re-elect, formerly Elementary Affairs)

  • Communications: Open

  • Events: Open

  • Orchestra: Open


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