BHS Affairs Team

BHS Affairs Team


Cathy Voirin

Vice President of BHS Affairs

As Vice President, Cathy presides over Batavia Music Buffs affairs at BHS and the BHS High School Team. … Read More

Marching Band Logo

Caroline and Bob Baty-Barr

Marching Band Liason

In their role as March Band Liason, Caroline and Bob serve in a vital leadership role in coordinating volunteer support for the numerous  BHS Marching Band program and event needs. … Read More


Orchestra Rep – open

Orchestra Representative

In the role of Orchestra Representative, _______ fills the role of coordinating the needs of the Orchestra music program between the Orchestra Director and the Orchestra Students/Families. … Read More


Mary Beth Steurer

Student Accounts Administrator

As Student Accounts Administrator, Mary Beth handles the student financial accounts through the BHS Music Department Charms system. … Read More


Julie Johnson

Curricular Band Representative

In the role of Band Representative, Julie fills the role of coordinating the needs of the Curricular Band  program between the Band Directors and the Curricular Band Students/Families. … Read More