Tag Days

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Band camp marks the beginning of the 2015-16 marching band season, it also marks start of the Batavia Music Buffs, Music Boosters’  fundraising season. Tag Day returns as the first major music boosters’ fundraiser of the school year.

We are excited to invite you to support your child and Batavia Music Boosters on the morning of Saturday, August 8th, as all marching band students will participate in this event and parent help/chaperones are needed.

All marching band students and parent helpers please report to Batavia High School at 9:00 am for a brief rundown of the event. Students and parent volunteers will then depart to one of three locations:

  1. Groups of 4 students will be transported to their own neighborhood (based on your child’s home elementary school) by parent volunteers and will walk door-to-door in pairs asking for a donation. A few “home base” houses are needed as a place for students to take a break, use the facilities, etc. Information to know: Batavia Music Buffs, as a booster organization, provides the additional funding needed for all BPS101 music programs to exist, including Marching Band and Winter Guard.
  1. Small groups of students will be transported to a local business with a parent chaperone and ask patrons for a donation to Batavia Music Buffs. Information to know: As a booster organization, this parent group works to raise money which is the additional funding needed for all BPS101 music programs including Marching Band and Winter Guard.
  1. Batavia Farmers Market: We will have a booth at the market from 8 am to noon.
    1. Three shifts of student and parent volunteers including setup and tear down. Setup should be complete by 7:30 am and tear down can commence at 12 noon.
    2. A tent and 2 tables are also needed.

Caroline Baty-Barr
Tag Day Chairperson
Batavia Marching Band Parent Volunteer Coordinator