The Spring Hoagie Sale is here!

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The Spring 2014 Hoagie Sale is here!!

As we continue the celebration of the 31st Anniversary of the Hoagie Sale, here are some important ‘notes’ about the sale:

  1. Hoagies are $5 each and come in (4) options: RED (everything), GREEN (no onion), YELLOW (no tomato) and BLUE (no onion, no tomato).
  2. Students will continue to receive $1.25 in CHARMS credit for each Hoagie sold. This credit can help offset music registration fees, trip costs, instrument repair, uniform charges, etc. These funds roll over yearly if not used, and any funds remaining at graduation may be passed down to a sibling.
  3. Order forms and checks can be turned in to your child’s MUSIC TEACHER and will be accepted from March 3rd-March 7th.
  4. All checks must be made payable to Batavia Music Buffs; cash is not accepted.
  5. Order ONLINE! You and your customers can place your Hoagie order here. Make sure your child’s first and last name is entered to ensure proper CHARMS credit! You do not need to duplicate online orders on your paper order form.
  6. Orders must be picked up from Rotolo Middle School cafeteria on March 22nd between 10am-11am. Any order not picked up by 11am will be donated.
  7. Hoagies are a tradition in Batavia. Some local residents no longer have a student selling in their area. We receive requests from the community to purchase Hoagies, which we then evenly distribute to students who have indicated they would accept and deliver these orders. If your child would like to accept and deliver community orders, please email us.
  8. We need your help to make this sale successful. Please CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP if you are able to volunteer for one of the many opportunities available.

Follow us at for news and updates!

Feb 20/21: Sale Kickoff!
Mar 3-7: Orders turned in to BHS MUSIC TEACHERS
Mar 7: All ordering will end (paper and online). Late orders will not be accepted.
Mar 21: Food Preparation (RMS) – we need volunteers!
Mar 22: Hoagie Order Assembly & Pick-up (RMS) – we need volunteers!

Please direct all questions to:

We thank you in advance for your support!!

Jackie Berry
Sam Lingafelter
Lucy Martinez
Spring 2014 Hoagie Sale Co-Chairs