Vote For John Heath as BAC Halloween Hooligan! Read More Here:

John HeathBatavia Arts Council Annual Halloween Hooligans

This is an opportunity to become involved, help raise funds for the Batavia Art’s Council
and decide which Halloween costumes Batavia’s finest will wear Oct. 31st.

Each participant has three costume choices.
Your vote decides which character they will become!!

In addition, each participant is playing for a charity of their choosing.

John Heath is playing for BATAVIA MUSIC BUFFS!!

Those charities will each received 20% of the revenue raised by their sponsoring participant.
The one participant raising the MOST revenue will receive an additional 10% of the entire profits raised for that charity.
Each will wear the costume voters choose for them on Halloween.

Meet John in costume on October 31st
and learn how much was raised and who was the winning “hooligan”!!!

Which Character will John become?

YOU decide!