Young Hearts For Life BHS Campaign Needs Our Help!

Batavia Music Buffs Proudly Supports the Young Hearts For Life BHS Campaign coming to Batavia High School:  Thursday, May 1st and Friday May 2nd.


Please take a moment to read the following personal account from an actual Batavia Music Family.  Please consider joining us and volunteering for this vitally important effort.

Dear Friends,

I am reaching out to you today to check and see if you would have any interest in a most cool volunteer opportunity, and I am not just saying that because I am in charge of recruiting and coordinating volunteers for this 😉

The very quick back story, for those of you who might not know, is that my son Douglas suffered a sudden cardiac arrest while sitting in his college class one and one half years ago. By the grace of God, he is alive and well as there was a very nearby AED (defibrillator), a fellow student recently trained in CPR who recognized the need to go get it and use it, and some very effective CPR was done. My husband and I know that we are all blessed, as only about 3% of those suffering an arrest like this outside of the hospital survive! Douglas had a condition called Wolff-Parkinson-White syndrome which is an electric firing problem in the heart. He has since had it fixed and had a defibrillator implanted as well. He is doing great!

After this all happened, my research lead me to a local organization called Young Hearts for Life (YH4L). Started in 2006 by a cardiologist from Downer’s Grove who saw the repeating tragic occurrence of youths dying from hidden heart conditions (you’ve heard the stories), he started this organization. YH4L has since gone into many area high schools and screened now over 100,000 young hearts. They have advised follow-up after finding possible or actual hidden heart problems to over 2,000 students! Lives have been saved.

When Batavia High School was introduced to YH4L they quickly saw the value and now have scheduled the first-ever BHS heart screening event on Thursday, May 1st and Friday, May 2nd. While there is a cost to the schools, every student is offered, for free, an EKG which is read on-site that day by a qualified cardiologist. YH4L screenings happen almost purely by trained volunteers. The cardiologists and core group of nurses, team leaders and data entry folks are all volunteers. Beyond this, at a two-day screening about 240 additional volunteers are necessary!

This is where you could possibly come in… While we already have many parents and community members already signed up, we still need about 160 more! To encourage you, I would like to mention that…

  • There are a variety of volunteer roles…we will find one that suits you, I guarantee it!
  • There are morning shifts (6:50-11:30AM), afternoon shifts (11AM-2:30), or ALL DAY shifts (6:50AM-2:30PM) on either/both days
  • For the warriors who sign up for ALL DAY, there IS a free lunch (and they always told you there was never such a thing in this life!?!)
  • Free, custom-made t-shirts are provided for all volunteers (Shirt order has been placed 4/21 but we will have multiple extra available in varying sizes)
  • Training is efficient and informative and only takes an hour and a half on Wednesday evening, April 30th, at the school (5:30-7PM or 7-8:30PM)
  • Being around the high school kids is pretty fun!
  • Being a part of something that has the potential to save at least one life, well, that’s priceless!

If I have peaked your interest or you are absolutely fired-up and ready to sign up, please follow this link to the school’s website and click on the link for Young Hearts for Life to read more about YH4L and watch an excellent 4 minute video…

If this is something that doesn’t work out for you, absolutely no worries at all!

If you have any questions, I would be more than happy to answer them, just drop me an email or give me a call.

Thank you SO much for taking the time to read this!!


Jamie Faber