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PLEASE NOTE: this is NOT a scholarship application. See our scholarships page for info on available opportunities. 


Use of form is strictly limited to approved BPS staff and faculty and other individuals approved by the Music Buffs executive board to report expenses and request payment and reimbursement for costs related to BPS Music programs or Batavia Music Buffs sponsored activities. Expenses must be approved in advance and all expenditures must be documented by purchase orders, receipts, etc.

Please email with any questions.    ​​

Requestor Info
Expense Details
Request Type
School Level

Please note: Vocal programs include all curricular or extracurricular vocal programs for all grade levels.

Please provide information about the purchase: purpose, event dates, locations, and other relevant details.  

Payment Info
Supporting Documentation

Upload receipts, purchase orders, or other documents commemorating the expense. If your purchase does not include supporting documentation, please e-mail to explain.


Before uploading, please determine the type and format of the file(s) you wish to submit then use the appropriate option below for text or image based files (payment/reimbursement may be delayed if file upload is incompatible.

Acceptable file formats: 

  • Text/Document formats: DOC, DOCX, GDOC, TXT, RTF and PDF (recommended)

  • Image/Photo formats: JPG, PNG, TIFF, or GIF 

Select File(s)

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